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Super Collapse! 3

Collapse your way to fun and adventure as Super Collapse! 3 busts its way onto the Nintendo DS system.

Explore the ever-shifting world of Super Collapse! 3, the latest addition to the smash-hit Super Collapse! franchise, as each level presents new and challenging ways to test your skill and speed.

Super Collapse! 3 introduces Quest! where you can explore fun and unique stages for hours of frenzied adventure. And for the Collapse! aficionado, new variations plus your classic favorites in Quick Play deliver endless, back-to-back challenges.


  • Play Quest! or Quick Play games
  • Exciting new power-ups, including Row Bombs, Hourglass and Combination Row-Column Bombs
  • High Score lets you post your scores for each of the game modes
  • Full of brand-new puzzles for the puzzle lover
  • Unique mini-games that will keep you sharp and wanting more

It's addictive, pulse-pounding excitement that'll leave you begging for more!

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