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Let's TAP


Let’s TAP is a completely innovative gaming experience on Wii with easy to pick-up-and-play controls that will appeal to gamers of all ages. Simply place the Wii Remote on a box or a flat surface and tap! All methods of tapping (light, medium, hard) will allow you to jump hurdles and create environmental effects such as a dazzling fireworks display. All five fun-filled game modes can be played by up to four players: Tap Runner, Silent Blocks, Rhythm Tap, Bubble Voyager and Visualizer.

PICK-UP-AND-PLAY CONTROLS: Place your Wii Remote on a box or flat surface and tap your way to victory against up to three friends.


–Tap Runner: Sprint for the finish line in over 16 courses while avoiding obstacles including hurdles, crushing blocks and electric fields. (1-4 players)
–Rhythm Tap: There are 20 different songs to master in Rhythm Tap. Feel the beat and tap light, medium, hard in sync with the on-screen tap indicators. (1-4 players)
–Silent Blocks: Team up to play simultaneously or in co-op mode using light and hard taps to strategically remove blocks one at a time from the column without causing it to topple over. (1-4 players)
–Bubble Voyager: Clad in a space suit, solo players tap to keep their character afloat through many levels filled with dangerous objects; a double tap will launch a missile. In multiplayer matches, you will shoot each other a number of times to win. (1-4 players)
–Visualizer: Everyone will take their turn in five unique game modes: Fireworks, Paint, River, Gem Game, Ink and Ocean. Tapping with light, medium and hard strokes produces on-screen effects ranging from a fireworks display to undersea bubbles. In special tap sequences, various sea animals will appear. (1 player)

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