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Elements of Destruction

Move, manipulate Mother Nature to become a Force of Nature!

A game where you run around chasing tornadoes? That’s boring. A game where you are the tornado? That’s a blockbuster! The world is yours to control and destroy using forces of nature of your choosing.

  • Create lightning, tornadoes, earthquakes, and many other forces of nature. Increase your power until you have mastered all of Mother Nature’s forces

  • Blow buildings apart, start raging fires and damaging lightning as you cause mayhem in towns, cities, and the countryside!

  • Go head-to-head to see who can cause the most damage in Destruction mode or destroy buildings on your opponent’s map in Double Cross mode

  • Use the Nintendo DS stylus to direct the forces of nature over rural, suburban and urban locations

  • Increase the strength of the fires created by the Special Lightning Storm by blowing into the Nintendo DS microphone
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