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Margot's Bepuzzled

A must-have for any true puzzle fan!

Join the lovable Margot as she returns in an all-new puzzling game to challenge you on the Nintendo DS. Play over 1,000 puzzling games including crossword, word search, sudoku, and more!


• Crossword - Complete the grid by solving all the clues.
• Wordsearch - find all the listed words hidden in the letter grid.
• Mini Wordsearch - Smaller grids with fewer words to find.
• Kriss Kross - Fit the words from the list into the empty grid.
• Mini Kriss Kross - Smaller grids with fewer words to place.
• Numberjigs - Fit the numbers from the list into the grid.
• Kakuro - Find the numbers that add up to the totals listed for each row and column
• Mini Kakuro - Smaller grids.
• Sudoku - Correctly fill the 9x9 number grid with numbers 1-9.
• Hard Sudoku - More difficult 9x9 grids.
• Mini Sudoku - 6x6 grids with numbers 1-6.
• Junior Sudoku - 4x4 grids with numbers 1-4.

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