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Art Style: CUBELLO

System:Wii Release Date: Oct 13, 2008 No. of Players: 1 player Category: Puzzles, Shooter Publisher: Nintendo Wii Points: 600

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Game Overview

Connect four or more cubes to reveal the Cubello’s core in this mixture of puzzle game and shooter.

Art Style: CUBELLO mixes the strategy and feel of a traditional puzzle game with the precision and reflexes required in a shooter. As each stage begins, variously colored cubes form into one large object (a Cubello) that floats and rotates as you play. Launch additional cubes from your magazine and try to connect four or more of the same color, removing them from the Cubello and eventually leaving only its core. Take on the challenge of either STAGE or ENDLESS mode and watch what happens when bonus time is activated! The straightforward controls and goal ensure that anyone can play, while offering enough depth that even advanced players will find themselves quickly addicted to the unique world of Art Style: CUBELLO.

Games in the Art Style series feature elegant design, polished graphics, and pick-up-and-play controls, creating an experience focused purely on fun and engaging game play.

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