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Party Pigs: Farmyard Games

The Wildest Pig Contest in Town!

The Annual Party Pigs Track & Field competition is about to begin! Dust off your cleats and get ready to compete in zany versions of seven different track & field events. Choose your favorite pig athlete and take on hurdles, swimming, long jump and more. Progress through the tournament or challenge your friends to see who is the greatest athlete at the farm!


• Seven Different Events: Compete in wacky versions of classic outdoor games including Racing, Hurdles, Diving, Long Jump, High Jump and Swimming!
• Pig Power: Take your control of your athlete with easy to use Wii Remote gestures. You’ve never seen outdoor games like these! Choose a pig, choose your game and challenge your friends to crazy farmyard competition!
• Multiplayer Mayhem: Up to 4 players can compete in these crazy farmyard games!

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