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Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010

System:Wii Release Date: Oct 6, 2009 No. of Players: 1 player Category: Life Training, Fitness Publisher: Majesco Entertainment Developer: I2G / Collision Studios

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Game Overview

What have you done today?

Building on the success of her first videogame, star fitness trainer Jillian Michaels returns to Wii with a new and improved, fast-paced, high-intensity workout in Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2010. Set on a rugged Pacific jungle island, players will enter a Hell Week-style boot camp filled with many new features and workout modes for 2010, including more accurate motion tracking and a calendar system enabling players to program routines for a period of up to 6 months. Finally, you’ll never train alone with direct feedback and motivation from Jillian for greater results!


• Game design by health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels:
o Features Jillian’s motion-captured movements
o Fitness routines created by Jillian
o All-new audio from Jillian

• NEW! One-on-one training with Jillian means you’ll always train alongside Jillian Michaels! Jillian’s 3D avatar will be there through practice sessions, the Island Tour, pre-made and custom routines and more!
• NEW! “Resolutions” Mode features a customizable training calendar that allows users to plan their routines for up to six months as Jillian coaches you every step of the way!
• NEW! High-intensity workouts for maximum results featuring superset routines!
o 16 Core Exercises including Cardio and Strength Building Exercises
Cardio Training: , Swing Kicks, Obliques, Jumping Jacks, Hip Twists, Water Pump, Running, Bicycle
Strength Training: Push-Ups, Crunches, Pelvic Thrust, Side Planks, Side Lunges, Sledge Swing, Back Kick w/ Shoulder Press, Boat Pose, Lunge Kick
o Warm up and cool down exercises
o Most exercises enhanced for compatibility with the Wii Balance Board.

• NEW! Work out in exotic locations: from rugged beaches to deep jungle to tropical vistas.
• More accurate motion tracking for more precise exercise movements.
• Multiple difficulty levels always maintain the challenge!
• Video and audio from Jillian Michaels, including training and diet tips.
• Spanish language support

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