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Crystal Monsters

Become a champion Monster Breeder! Capture and train over 160 monsters and defeat rival breeders in intense combat.
There are two kinds of people in this world: those who can see monsters—called Neo-Seeds—and those who can’t. Neo-Seeds wield extraordinary power and battle using tamed monsters in grand tournaments.

As a Neo-Seed who has just discovered his ability, it's your time to set off on an amazing journey to collect over 160 monsters and become the greatest Monster Breeder! Explore a vast world, meet new friends and rivals, and engage in dynamic battles that require skill and strategy to win! Master the 9 elemental types, train your monsters through battle, teach them new moves, use team attacks and fuse them together to unlock their true potential. You can even customize 3 of your favorite monsters by putting a friend’s face on them using the inner camera.

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