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Cabela's Legendary Adventures

Legendary Adventures – Relive the greatest hunting stories ever told based on legendary hunts from the past century.


Legendary Animals – Hunt for record-setting White-Tailed Deer, Yukon Moose, Alaskan Brown Bears, Roosevelt Elk, and more!


North America’s Top Hunting Locations – Kodiak Island, the Yukon Territory, the Rocky Mountains, and 7 others.


Over 50 Additional Hunting Adventures – Hunt for over 30 animal species of other big game, small game, waterfowl, upland birds, and turkey.


3 Hunting Modes:

Legends Mode – Progressive hunting trips that include 10 locations, 3 areas each.


Adventures Mode – Pick up and play; travel to any unlocked location.


Marksman’s Mode – Contest mode that includes special shooting contests.


Firearm Customization – Upgrade weapons for better accuracy, lower recoil, and other shooting improvements.


Wii Controls – On the Wii system, controls are compatible with the Wii Zapper.

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