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Go Play City Sports

Be the Best On Your Block

Go Play City Sports recreates the experience of playing sports in the city as a kid. Become the neighborhood’s top athlete by competing in six classic games and rule the courts made of manhole covers, fire hydrants and parked cars. This collection of classic street games provides a fun, casual sports experience for the whole family.


• See who is the king of the block in 6 classic street-based games: Stickball, Kickball, Street Hockey, Handball, Jump Rope & Shootout Soccer!
• Diverse natural and intuitive motions using your Wii Remote
• Multiplayer supports for up to 4 players (both team-based and head-to-head)
• Fully explorable single player environment
• Fully customizable characters
• Earn trophies and unlock new items including courts and equipment
• Wii Balance Board support

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