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Rapala We Fish

A Whole New Species of Fishing Game!

Experience wacky and funny fishing as you race to capture the best fishing holes and reel in the biggest pile of fish. But hurry! You’ll have to speed back to the finish line before time runs out to claim victory!


Arcade Style Fishing Action
• Hilarious and fast paced action that’s great fun for friends and family
• Play as your favorite Mii or as 1 of 5 hilarious characters
• Robust multiplayer with 4 different multiplayer modes
Fish are the Stars of the Show
• Over 50 wacky and funny fish species
• Humorous personalities and facial expressions will make players laugh out loud
“Kart” Style Speed Fishing Competitions
• Compete in 24 tournaments on courses with different weather effects
• Use zany power-ups and speed boosts to gain the advantage
• 8 global freshwater and saltwater locations

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