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Family Fun Football

Football Fun for the whole Family!

Family Fun Football is a fun, arcade style game that is easy for everyone to pick up and play. Compete against friends and family in a sport that is fun for all ages! The game’s simple playbook and intuitive controls help create the ultimate fun and casual football experience.


• Smaller Playbook
• Catering to the casual gamer, Family Fun Football offers a simple playbook that makes it easy for everyone to learn and understand the game of football.
• Colorful Stadiums
• There will be a total of five stadiums that include a fun mix of realistic and fantasy worlds.
• Mini-Games
• Ten fun and simple mini-games can be played with up to four players.
• Mascot Mode
• Players can play as their default character, or their team's mascot! Also, there will be more mascot heads for players to unlock.
• Mii Compatibility
• Load in your own Mii and play against your friends' and family's Miis

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