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Bejeweled Twist

Manic excitement and split-second strategy!

Bejeweled Twist faithfully recreates the manic excitement and split-second strategy of the newest entry in the beloved game franchise. Fans and newcomers alike can easily pick up the new stylus-based controls. Building upon the basic mechanic of twisting two-by-two squares of gems to match colors/shapes, Bejeweled Twist features all of the expected action and visual polish while providing new content and game-play tweaks especially for the handheld.


• User Interface redesigned to utilize the dual screens, leaving the entire Touch Screen for game-play.
• 2-Player Duel Mode via local wireless connection!
• Bomb-defusing roulette wheel reworked to better leverage Touch Screen interactivity.
• Special effects and sounds taken directly from the original version.
• Local, high score leaderboards for all single-player modes.

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