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Monster Bomber

Color, aim and speed matter most in this new take on classic arcade style gameplay! Monster Bomber challenges you to power up and fling different colored balls on the Touch Screen to hit rapidly descending, multi-colored monsters on the top screen. Destroy all monsters and you pass the stage but if they reach you first, it's game over!

• Use the stylus to power up different colored balls and directionally launch them at the same colored monsters on the top screen
• Two single player modes - Scenario (choose your path through a total of 20 stages with multiple objectives in each) and Survival (eliminate as many monsters as possible)
• Use power-ups that affect the playfield, balls and monsters to gain temporary advantages
• Avoid power-down items that can hinder your progress
• Trigger chain attacks and explosions to destroy large numbers of monsters at once
• Five different monsters in varying colors have different characteristics that affect how you can beat them
• Avoid multiple obstacles like rotating walls and black holes
• Local wireless play for up to 4 players
• DS Download play - 4 players can play with just one Monster Bomber Game Card

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