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Legend of the Dragon

Classic arcade style fighting game with a blend of RPG boasting an original never-seen before new spell casting battle system. Featuring characters and settings from the cartoon series of the same name, LOD is an eye-candy visual piece where

players are able to choose from any of their favorite characters, battling infamous enemies within the series beloved locations.

All 18 playable characters transform into their respective Chinese Zodiac avatars in order to create spells that contribute to enhance the combat dynamics. In addition a power-up system (Only available in Quest mode) builds the strength of each characters introducing a touch of RPG elements into the gameplay.

• Unleash the magical power of more than 19 Legend of the Dragon Heroes and willains-experience the innovative real time spell casting system
• Fight in 18 complete 3D destructible environments and annihilate your opponents with moves and combinations including in-game transformations, team and tag battles.
• Live the complete adventures of Legend of the dragon heroes in quest mode and collect power-ups to build your character’s magical strength.
• Compete in 8 different game modes ensuring hours of challenging gameplay
• Utilizing the Wii’s unique Motion sensor controls

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