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Disney's That's So Raven: Psychic on the Scene

When Raven has a vision that her favorite theater is closing, she's forced to find out why and see if she can stop it. Of course this means she'll also have to look into that pesky epidemic outbreak at the Chill Grill, keep an eagle-eye out for fashion foul-ups, rescue her best friend... we...well, we don't want to give the whole game away. Then again, if you're psychic, too, you already know what we were gonna say...


• Play as Raven, animal-loving environmentalist Chelsea or hip-hop hoops head Eddie
• Pick up clues in Raven's favorite places: the mall, her bedroom, the design studio, the Chill Grill - and about 96 more Raven-worthy hot spots
• Get down with your fashionable self: Mix and match 40 hairstyles and outfits (including Ravensque disguises), and create your own couture line
• Seize control of the stage's circuit board to give Raven the opportunity to shine

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