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Tap and slide to the rhythm of over 70 tracks from the FINAL FANTASY series while joining forces with iconic characters and facing off against memorable monsters and villains. Unlock unique items and deeper challenges in three exciting game modes, as you help restore the Music Crystal to its former radiance!

Enhance your game play experience even more by downloading additional songs from your favorite FINAL FANTASY titles. The songs below are available for in-game download now. Check back regularly for updates.

FF Series Song Title
FF2 Battle Theme 1
FF4 The Final Battle
FF11 Fighters of the Crystal
FF13 Fighting Fate
FF5 In Search of Light
FF7 Cosmo Canyon
FF8 Ride On
FF10 A Fleeting Dream
FFV13 Somnus
FF13 Desperate Struggle
FF11 Sarutabaruta
FF6 Battle
FF7 Fight On!
FF13-2 Etro's Champion
FF11 Battle Theme
FF3 Battle 1
FF10 A Contest of Aeons
FF13 The Archlyte Steppe
FF11 The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
FF3 Crystal Cave
FF10 Movement in Green
FF13 March of Dreadnoughts
FF11 Gustaberg
FF3 The Crystal Tower
FF10 Battle Theme
FF12 The Dalmasca Estersand
FF9 The Darkness of Eternity
FF3 This is the Last Battle
FF10 Challenge
FF12 Desperate Fight
FF09 Battle 2
FF05 The Final Battle
FF10 Otherworld
FF12 The Royal City of Ranabastre / Town Ward Upper Stratum
FF09 The Final Battle
FF05 Battle 1
FF10 Final Battle
FF12 Boss Battle
FF09 Dark City Treno
FF05 The Decisive Battle
FF08 The Extreme
FF12 Esper Battle
FF04 Battle 2
FF02 Dungeon

In-game content available for purchase using stored account funds.

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