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Puzzle Rocks

A novel puzzle game that will thoroughly test your combining and planning abilities

Take your time to find the best strategy, improve your moves, and make as many matches as possible during a single turn to improve your score.

Question one: How to keep your brain active?

Answer: Play Puzzle Rocks! Stop the falling stones!

Question two: Do you have what it takes to get through 36 various levels?

Answer: We will see.


- 36 different levels in four chapters, combining 6 different shapes with 6 colors in a brain-teaser
- Match-3 style puzzle game on second screen
- Switch match-3 and shape-match minigame anytime
- Normal and time limit mode
- Combos with explosive lighting and sound effects
- Many hours of entertainment
- Record of best scores for each level
- Collect bronze, silver, and gold medal for each level

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