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Armageddon Operation Dragon

All stars and planets in the cosmos eventually come to an end!

Solar System, 2037.

An asteroid as large as the moon is headed directly towards Earth. Imminent Forecast: Total Destruction!!!

The human race will face its Armageddon, unless you can stop it. There is no weapon powerful enough to destroy or even divert it from its Earth-bound trajectory. Only an amount of energy greater than what our sun produces could prevent it. That magnitude of energy is located outside of our solar system, at the 4 cardinal points of the galaxy. At those coordinates are the planets: Upsil-on, Magnet-on, Fusi-on and Dark-on. Visit each planet to collect the greatest amount of energy and the mission will be a complete success. Humanity will die out some day, but not this time!

Be brave! It's in your hands to prevent it!


* 32 levels (4 planets with 8 levels each).

* Runner playability.

* Touch control and easy handling.

* Amazing, innovative graphics.

* Local ranking.

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