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Mister Slime

As the young but determined hero Slimy, players set off on an exhilarating adventure, trying to protect Slime Village from its evil enemies, the Axons. Using the touch screen and stylus, players must navigate the levels by flying, catapulting, and dragging and stretching Slimy’s arms to grab hold of numerous types of anchor points scattered throughout the game.

Mr. Slime uses all the key characteristics of the DS (double screen, stylus, and microphone) and gives the player a unique gameplay experience based on a very advanced physics engine (elasticity & interaction between many objects). It's gameplay and design make it totally unique and enable a strong differentiation with other DS games.

Unique use of stylus; Physics engine with a real tactile feeling; 3D engine with an excellent parallax effect; Wireless gameplay (2 players); Clever use of the microphone.

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