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American Popstar: Road to Celebrity

Evolve into the greatest American Popstar!

This is your enthralling and interactive success story as a young hopeful in the music milieu. The adventure begins when you get the chance to audition at your Hollywood high school. But the road to celebrity is not a highway: your secret crush is also auditioning, and so is your evil rival. This unique mix of social adventure and music game will let you meet lots of people who may help you build your career, show your talent skills to the world, and take your best photo with the camera to the delight of your fans. You're about to be the greatest pop star in the world! Talk, share activities, and be friendly or unfriendly with numerous characters! Customize your character's name and appearance, and develop skills and personality through your actions. Four musical minigames: Guitar, Singing, Drums, and Dance. Record your voice, take your own photos, and sign autographs! Two multiplayer modes for 2-4 players.

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