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Junior Brain Trainer 2

Feeling a little bored with the normal academic routine? Spice up your child’s learning with fresh and exciting new games that focus on enhancing English and math skills! Junior Brain Trainer 2 is the best way to keep your child motivated to advance! With games like Hangman, Sliding Tiles, Mole Smashing, and Catch the Sheep, kids won’t even realize they are familiarizing themselves with sentence structure and geometry! Other tasks include matching pairs, word scrambles, filling in the blanks, and more! JBT2 also features a Quiz section that tests your child’s knowledge and assesses how much they’ve learned throughout the game!


• 130 new mind-boggling puzzles and activities
• Features games such as Hangman, Sliding Tiles, and Mole Smashing
• 11 new mini-games for additional challenge
• Choose from 2 different game modes: Progressive or Pot Luck

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