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Puzzler World

Bring your brain and take a trip to Puzzler World.

Discover the endless fun of more than 1000 mind-bending challenges. Enjoy your favorite puzzles games on the go, including Crossword, Sudoku, Wordsearch, and many more.

This sequel to smash hit, Puzzler Collection now includes 5 additional bonus game types. Play any puzzle in two game modes: Quickplay for a fast fix or Challenge mode for unlocking bonus games such as Hangman, Equate, and Jigsaw. Puzzler World is both fun and challenging. You’ll experience different degrees of difficultly and countless hours of entertainment.


• Over 1,000 games
• Over 500 hours of playtime
• Create up to 3 profiles to track your performance and monitor your best times
• The “Stop & Save” feature allows you to continue challenging puzzles the next time you play
• Play puzzles in two games modes: Quickplay to jump in and play any puzzle; Challenge Mode for unlocking new puzzles and hidden surprises.

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