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Rhythm 'n' Notes

Rhythm 'n Notes is a new and unique musical training game for your Nintendo DS. Combining fun and practical exercises with touch screen technology, Rhythm 'n Notes encourages players to recognize musical timing, rhythmic patterns, notes and chords. Whether you’re just starting to learn music, or are already well trained but need to stay in practice, Rhythm 'n Notes is for you!

  • Practical music exercises are kept light and fun thanks to your musical tour guide, Tsumami.
  • Rhythm lessons teach time signatures and patterns on an array of percussion instruments.
  • Note lessons teach the player to recognize both individual notes and chords on the piano.
  • Gameplay that starts off easy, but grows gradually more complicated as you progress.
  • The perfect game for those learning music, or musicians who want a fun way to stay in practice. 
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