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Glacier 2

There's only one rule: "He who finishes first is victorious."

The stakes have been raised and more dangerous frozen race locations have been found in Glacier 2. A fresh group of contenders have entered this alpine race with faster and stronger vehicles equipped with shocking new weapons. Watch out for treacherous cliffs, falling rocks, and icy hairpin turns as racers careen down the mountains. But it takes more to be #1. Aim your rockets, ready your machine guns, and deploy mines to battle your opponents because in Glacier 2, there’s only one rule: “He who finishes first is victorious.”


• Over the top combat racing action
• 18 freezing levels full of traps, cliffs, mines, falling rocks, canyons, and spectacular jumps
• Choose from 7 super rides, each with different armor, weapon, and driving abiilities
• Beef cars up with various deadly weapons such as rockets, machine guns, shotguns, and mines
• Compatible with the Wii Steering Wheel for intuitive controls and a realistic driving feel

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