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Don't Feed The Animals

Defend your base with the aid of your loyal robots against forest animals intent on stealing your candy for themselves!
Don't Feed the Animals is a strategic defense game about children who have been hoarding their treats all summer in their backyard fort. This has attracted the attention of the local wildlife (the backyard is on the edge of a forest). To defend their treasure, the kids use all the materials at their disposal to create three types of robots: melee, sound and water bots. These bots act like a tower does in a tower defense game, keeping the enemy from the base. Each bot has certain strengths and weaknesses against the different enemies. The enemies consist of bears, raccoons, rabbits, turtles and cats. Play through 50 levels consisting of waves of animals, increasing in difficulty, attempting to steal the candy. Should a creature reach their base, it will take a treat; this treat must be recovered or it will be lost. Should a boss reach the base, the game is lost. Successfully fend off the animals so that the children can enjoy their end-of-summer feast!

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