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M&M's Adventure

Your favorite colorful candy characters are back in their first free-roaming adventure! It's the end of the day at the M&M's Candy Factory, but one packet of candy is missing from the delivery truck! It's your mission to explore each sector of the factory and discover all of the scattered hidden candies in order to make the delivery on time. Run on conveyor belts, jump around packing crates, and sneak your way around the factory-but be prepared for the Bosses that are waiting to thwart the mission and keep the candies from leaving!


• Playas one of your three favorite M&M's colorful characters-Red, Yellow, and Green.
• Each character has their own special abilities-essential to use them all to collect all the hidden candies
• Explore 6 different adventure themed divisions of the factory including the Valentine and Halloween rooms
• Take on unique Bosses at the end of each level

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