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Pizza Delivery Boy

Hot delivery to your living room…hold the anchovies!

Three Brothers Pizzerias are being forced to close and they’ve hired you to get business booming again! Use your Wii Remote as the ultimate kitchen utensil and driver’s wheel to race through hazardous, pedestrian-filled towns delivering pizzas to the hungry customers! Whether it’s the heat of the kitchen, or the traffic on the roads, it’s up you to restore the pizza parlors to their past magnificence and become Pizza Boy of the Year!


• Use your Wii Remote as the ultimate kitchen utensil and the driver’s wheel!
• Collect ingredients to prepare over 150 pizza recipes!
• Earn money by making deliveries in a fully 3-D world encompassing three bustling towns.
• Avoid a cast of scoundrels and hazards, including: hungry hobos, student drivers and oil slicks.
• Pull off cool moves like bunny hops and 360 degree spin turns!
• On days off compete in over 35 exciting side missions, like street races, destruction competitions and collecting events.
• Unlock a variety of vehicles, including mopeds, scooters and cars.

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