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London Taxi: Rush Hour

“TAXI!!” It’s London, it’s rush hour and you’re a cabbie on a mission! Do you have what it takes to get your passengers where the need to go, no matter what? Do what it takes to get your fares dropped off in time, and big tips await! Steer through the busy roads of an accurate version of London – complete with famous landmarks – with intuitive Wii Remote controls, causing chaos in the streets as you go. Cut through parks, tear through the Underground, do whatever it takes. Just don’t be late! Choose from four different playable cabbies, each with their own unique official Austin FX4 London Taxi.

  • Single Player

  • Pick Up and Play: Intuitive motion-based controls mean players of all skill levels can pick up the Wii Remote¿ and jump right behind the wheel!

  • Hours of Fun: Choose from four different cabbies, each with their own unique official Austin Fx4 London Taxi. Discover all sorts of customers in an authentic recreation of London!

  • Crash For Chaos: Complete with famous landmarks and multiple routes, London is your playground as you speed through the streets to earn the best fares. Earn better tips for bigger thrills.
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