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Petz Rescue: Ocean Patrol

A Rescue Adventure on the Open Seas!

Players take on the role of Greg or Mila, and help their uncle save endangered marine species. Cruise around an undiscovered island and rescue hurt or sick sea animals. Explore the island to develop open space pools, while respecting the environment. With the help of specialists, take care of and heal the many different animals before releasing them into the ocean. Save the endangered marine species and try to help the rarest of them all: the giant Blue Whale.


• Interact with new animals and endangered marine species such as sea lions, green turtles, sharks and giant Blue Whales.
• Rescue animals directly from the sea
• Build an eco-friendly sanctuary for marine animals
• Take care of 11 different animals
• Heal the animals before freeing them; watch them evolve in their natural environment.
• Pay special attention to: dolphins, sea lions, polar bears, penguins and other cute babies.
• Develop a strong relationship with dolphins
• Meet different characters throughout the adventure and work with them to avoid an ecological catastrophe.

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