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Tournament of Legends

Become A Legend In, "The Wildest Wii Fighter Yet!"

Experience 3D weapon and magic duels against the biggest legends of world mythology. Enter powerful battles with a rich assortment of blade weapons and tons of magical attacks. Dodge giant creatures and even wield two weapons at the same time.


• Epic 3D Weapon and Magic Fighting
–Single and two-handed combat with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk
–10 blade weapons, 50 magical attacks
–Unleash a lion, Thor’s fist, Jupiter’s Storm, a nest of snakes, lightening strikes and more.
–Trade weapons with other Legends of the same class
– Master your skills in the Interactive Training arena
–Dodge giant creatures mid-battle
• Massive 3D Fighters
–Huge, fully animated 3D characters.
–Head and body armor damage that can be repaired in-battle.
–10 enormous legends: Minotaur, Gladiator, Valkyrie, Stone Golem, Gorgon, Sun Goddess , Demon, Bronze Man, plus 2 unlockable legends – the Skeleton Warrior and the God of Death.

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