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Master of Illusion

System:Nintendo DS Release Date: Nov 26, 2007 No. of Players: 1 player Category: Other Publisher: Nintendo

Mild Suggestive Themes

Game Overview

Stun your friends. Be the Master.

* Step-by-step tutorials let you unlock the mystery of more than 20 tricks.

* Three individual modes make this game fun solo or with friends.

* A “special” deck of cards packaged with the game creates a fully portable magic kit. Now the fun extends beyond your Nintendo DS.

* Interactive tricks make the DS your magic assistant. Draw; speak; tap; instruct; and blow in to the microphone to astonish your audience.

* The learning curve keeps growing: unlock new tricks as you advance in skill.


Solo Magic: Here, magicians will experience the awe of being tricked themselves. Auto-performing stunts wow you in to wanting to learn more, and the magical deck will be used against you!

Magic Show: Leave your audience flabbergasted performing the tricks you’ve come to master. Where the DS was once your teacher, it is now your magical aide.

Magic Training: Hone your skills and learn secrets used by real magicians. Step-by-step tutorials teach budding magicians the essentials of performing long before show time.

Unique magic tricks - possible only on the Nintendo DS - stun your audience in to saying "How'd you do that?" Become the master of your DS as you learn, perform and amaze your friends and family. The secrets of magic are now yours to behold!

Practice your “Abracadabras” because now YOU’RE the magician!

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