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Seaworld Adventure Parks: Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures

Do you have what it takes to save SeaWorld and Shamu?

All is not well within Shamu's beloved SeaWorld Adventure Park - Poseidon wants to steal the magic of the park away from Shamu and SeaWorld. By taking control of Shamu, your adventures will take you beyond SeaWorld and into the strange depths under the park and on to the underwater domed world of Atlantis. You’ll encounter amazing underwater animals and even do battle with Poseidon, the undersea god, and his loyal sea beast, The Kraken.


• An engaging story-driven adventure game
• Gather fun collectibles and crack open sea chests
• 8 distinct environment types from the Shamu Stadium pool to the ocean depths of Atlantis
• Unlock and use Shamu’s animal behavior to:         
- Challenge unique enemy sea creatures
- Break down walls and barriers beneath the ocean
- Find collectible items
• Fun, challenging, and educational mission-based gameplay
- Lead fin-raising chases
- Solve challenging puzzles
- Perform daring rescues

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