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MotoGP 08

Experience the intensity, thrills and excitement of motorcycle racing with MotoGP. Join a team and compete against world-class opponents in three separate classes, on exotic courses all over the world. Show off your skills and take risks to earn points and upgrade your bike. And with new, easy-to-learn controls, MotoGP is the most accessible motorcycle racing game to date.


• Wii exclusive controls allow you to steer, accelerate. brake, and perform wheelies simply by moving the Wii Remote
• Intuitive Arcade controls complement Intermediate and Simulation handling modes, making this a highly accessible racing experience for all audiences
• Ride as yourself and compete against riders from the world’s premier motorcycling championship
• Challenge three engine classes, including 125cc, 250cc and MotoGP classes
• Selectable CPU AI allows custom matching to skill levels
• Pit your riding skills against your friends in intense multiplayer races
• Compete in the night racing circuit of Qatar and the all-new Indianapolis circuit
• For the first time, experience MotoGP on the Wii

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