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"How do I connect my Nintendo DS system to the Internet?"

Connecting your Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL system to the Internet is easy. All you need is a wireless broadband Internet connection. We've got a handy step-by-step tutorial to help walk you through the process. Click HERE to get started.

Need help connecting a Nintendo DS Lite system? Click HERE.

Need help connecting a Nintendo 3DS system? Click HERE.

"How do the different Nintendo DS systems compare to each other?"

All Nintendo DS systems have a range of amazing features. You can explore our comparison chart, which details all of the different features for each system in one easy-to-read page. Click HERE to see it.

"How do I download games to my system?"

You'll find the entire library of downloadable Nintendo DSi games, known as DSiWare, from the Nintendo DSi Shop—accessible right from the main menu. You'll need Nintendo DSi Points to download these games, and you can either purchase points from the shop with a credit card, or redeem a Nintendo DSi Points card purchased at your local retailer.

Click HERE for more detailed info on how to purchase games.

"Where can I find info about specific games? How can I find games that are right for me or my family?"

There are hundreds of great games that can be played on all Nintendo DS systems. You can browse through them on our own game guide HERE , with screenshots, trailers, game info, and more. If you're looking for specific types of games, the game guide also has special lists that help you narrow your search depending on what you're looking for. Click any of the following for a helpful pre-sorted list: PUZZLE , SPORTS , POKÉMON .

"Where can I buy Nintendo DS systems and games online? Why can't I buy from your website?"

Nintendo doesn't sell games direct—we're too busy making them! However, we do work with a variety of major retailers nationwide, both online and offline. Click HERE for a list. If you click "BUY NOW" on any game page on, you'll be taken to a page that shows which retailers actually have your product in stock.

Please note that retailers set their own prices—our listed prices on are simply the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. If you are looking for select Nintendo accessories and replacement parts, you can find some of those in our online store. Click HERE to see what we have.

"How can I play demos of games?"

If you have a Wii console at home, you can download demo versions of select Nintendo DS games from the Nintendo Channel via the DS Download Service. These demos will then be sent wirelessly to your Nintendo DS system, and can be enjoyed until you turn your system off.

Click HERE to learn more about the Nintendo Channel.

"How can I find out prices for Nintendo DS systems?"

Every Nintendo DS system has a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) set by Nintendo. Please be aware that retailers set their own prices, and may be different than the MSRP. You'll find pricing info HERE, along with links to purchase Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL systems from major retailers nationwide.

"Where can I find the tech specs for Nintendo DS systems?"

Our comparison page has the tech specs for all Nintendo DS systems on sale now. You can get more info about what's under the hood, and also compare the different systems to see which one is right for you. Click HERE to compare.

"What can I do if I need to get replacement parts, or get my Nintendo DS system repaired?"

You can order replacement accessories and parts from our online store, including AC adapters, stylii, replacement batteries, and more. Click HERE to check out the store.

On the rare occasion that you have an issue with your Nintendo DS system and need to get it repaired, please visit our Support page to set up your repair online. Click HERE for info about repairs.