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Nintendo WFC ID on the DS does not match the WFC ID on the game

If you receive a message that you are unable to connect to the Nintendo WFC because the Wi-Fi ID from the Nintendo DS and the Game Card do not match, you are using a game card that was set up with another Nintendo DS. We recommend that you play your game in the same Nintendo DS that the game card was set up in.

If you wish to permanently use the game card in a new Nintendo DS, you should first transfer the WFC ID from the old DS to the new DS (how to). This will keep your Friend Code and Friends Roster intact.

If you do not transfer the WFC ID to the new DS, you will need to erase the Nintendo WFC ID from the game card.

Important! When you connect again to the Nintendo WFC, a new friend code will be generated for the game. If the previous Friend Code from the game was exchanged with other players, you will need to provide your new Friend Code to anyone you wish to continue playing with online. No changes or updates will need to be made to your Friends Roster.

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