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Unable to connect with this Nintendo WFC ID

If you are receiving the error message "Unable to connect with this Nintendo WFC ID," there should be an error code displayed with the message. Enter this error code in the "Experiencing Game Errors" section in the upper right-hand corner for specific information on the error.

  • Verify that your router is connected to the internet when attempting to connect to the Nintendo WFC.
  • Do not use any unlicensed products when attempting to connect. For more information on unlicensed products, click here.
  • Check your DHCP settings and DNS settings with the TCP/IP settings on your computer to verify these are entered correctly. Make any changes necessary and test the connection again. Click here for information on accessing these settings.

If you are still unable to connect you may need to create a new ID.

Important! When you create a new Nintendo WFC ID, you will need to erase your old Nintendo WFC ID from any games associated to your Nintendo DS. When you connect again to the Nintendo WFC, a new Friend Code will be generated for each game. If the previous Friend Codes from these games were exchanged with other players, you will need to provide your new Friend Codes to anyone you wish to continue playing with online. No changes or updates will need to be made to any Friends Rosters you have created.



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