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Transferring a Nintendo WFC ID to another DS system

You have the ability to transfer your Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID to another Nintendo DS. This is useful if you have purchased another Nintendo DS system (such as those who want to purchase the newer Nintendo DS Lite), and means you won't have to worry about getting new Friend Codes or losing your Wi-Fi Connection stats.

    Please note the following FAQs befrore proceeding:

  • Do I have to transfer my Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID for every game I play online?
    No. You only need to complete this process once. Doing this once will allow all of your Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection-compatible games to keep their Friend Codes and Nintendo Wi-Fi settings. There is no need to perform this process with each of your games.
  • If I transfer Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection IDs, will both systems have the same ID number?
    A Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID can only be used by one DS at a time. By transferring a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID, the system you transferred it from will no longer have an ID. To get a new ID for that system, you will need to connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The system will then automatically acquire a new ID. (Do not do this with a game that uses the original ID, as it will erase your current Friend Codes.)
  • If my Nintendo DS or DS Lite is no longer working and I need to replace or repair it, can I transfer the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID?
    In most cases, if your system powers on and you are able to view the screens, it is possible to transfer the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID to another system by using the steps below. However, if your system is no longer functional or useable, it may not be possible to transfer the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID to another system. For more information on system troubleshooting and repairs, please click here.

The following are step-by-step instructions on transferring Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection IDs:

    First DS (system you are transferring the ID from)

  1. Turn on any Nintendo WFC-compatible game and access the WFC Setup Utility. (Consult the game manual for the game you are playing for specific information.)
  2. Tap "Options."
  3. Tap "Transfer Nintendo WFC Configuration."
  4. Tap "Ok", then tap "Ok" again.
  5. Second DS (system you are transferring the ID to)

  6. Remove all games from the DS you wish to transfer the settings to, then turn the system on.
  7. On the DS's main menu, select "DS Download Play."
  8. Select "Nintendo WFC Configuration Transfer."
  9. Tap "Yes" when asked if you want to download the software. The word "Downloading..." will appear.
  10. First DS

  11. On the DS with Nintendo WFC configuration, tap "Ok" to confirm that you wish to transfer the configuration.
  12. Second DS (system you are transferring the ID to)

    • If there is an existing configuration on the new DS, tap "Ok" to confirm that you wish to overwrite the existing configuration.
    • Once the transfer begins, it will take about half a minute.

    Both DS Systems

  13. Once the configuration has been transferred, tap "Ok" to save the changes and shut each system off.

All of the Friend Codes you had given or received on the previous Nintendo DS will now work in the Nintendo DS system you transferred the ID to.