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How can I protect my privacy when playing with others online?
The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection has been built with gamer privacy in mind. In a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection game, the Nintendo DS or game specific “nickname” is all the information exchanged during any Nintendo DS game played without a Friend Code. Friend Codes — which are unique to each online game — are exchanged off-line (by phone, by email, etc.) by people who are already familiar with one another. Then, when you connect, you are able to enjoy multiplayer gaming with "friends." This avoids open communication with strangers and creates a friendly environment.

When a player connects region wide or worldwide on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, they have decided to play with anyone, not just friends. When this option is selected, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection games that include a chat feature limit the chat to only "closed" or pre-canned text. Also, the only information displayed to the other player is game information and the nickname of the other player. No personal information or detailed location is provided to the other player. Games in the future may allow players to exchange other information stored on their Nintendo DS. This would be information like the Nintendo DS nickname or the birthday month and day that was entered when the Nintendo DS was first turned on.

Parents should monitor their children’s exchange of Friend Codes to make sure that this feature works as intended. Parents should also monitor any multiplayer game play done through the DS local wireless mode (wireless play without the use of the internet), as the Nintendo DS will automatically exchange Friend Codes when playing in a local wireless multiplayer mode. If there is any concern during this auto exchange, each player has the option to not have their Friend Code added to another's Friends Roster and the option to prevent others from being added to theirs.

Things you will want to consider when playing Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection games:

  • To protect your privacy, do not give out personal information such as last name, phone number, birth date, age, e-mail or home address when communicating with others.
  • Your Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID is tied to your Friend Roster and stored on your Nintendo DS system. Be sure to properly safeguard your Nintendo DS system and delete your user information from the Nintendo WFC setup if you will no longer be using your system or game to prevent a subsequent user from having access to your Friend Roster.
  • If you decide to provide personal information to any third party (such as a game publisher) it is subject to the privacy policy of that company, not Nintendo's privacy practices. Be cautious before providing any personal information to any third party.

For more information on Privacy and the Nintendo DS, please click here.


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Does the Nintendo WFC affect the security of my wireless network?
The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection requires that you have WEP security on your router, or no security. However, please note that the Nintendo WFC does not affect these settings. The security setting can only be changed by you on your router.

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I don't want to change the security settings on my router. Do I have any other options?
If you don't want to setup a wireless router at home, you can still connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection through a local Hotspot. To find out more about getting connected at a Hotspot, click here.


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Firewall compatibility
Click here for Firewall compatibility information.

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