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Online Activity



Can I chat online?
Not all games will contain a chat feature. Each individual game developer determines if chat will be in the game and how it will operate.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection games that contain a chat feature will work as follows:

"Open" chat is allowed between friends who have exchanged Friend Codes. "Open" chat may also be possible if two players who have not exchanged Friend Codes interact within a game hosted by another player with whom they have both exchanged Friend Codes.

"Closed" chat, which means you can select from a set of phrases to send to an opponent but you may not type whatever you want, may be available in some Wi-Fi games. If "Closed" chat is available in a game, who you can chat with would depend on how the game is programmed.

One of the great features of the Nintendo DS is Pictochat, which allows players to chat using the local wireless mode of the system. At this time, Pictochat is not a feature of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

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Can I choose who I play with/against by location?
Each online game offers its own online options. For instance, Mario Kart: DS lets you choose whether you wish to race against only players on your Friends Roster, players within your region, or players from anywhere in the world. Complete directions are available in the manual for the particular game you are playing.

For additional information, click here to visit our Game Support page.


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Will performance of the game be any different online versus offline play?
Normally, you should see very little or no difference between playing with a friend in the same room or when you are playing a game against an opponent across the world. The amount of data exchanged in the process of playing a game is very small. However, if you are using a shared access point such as a home network where other computers and printers may be active you may see a small amount of lag time while playing. This may also be true if your Internet Service Provider handles a lot of traffic. If you are experiencing performance problems that interfere with your game play, please disconnect from Nintendo WFC, and try to connect again. You may also want to play using a Nintendo DS AC Adapter while online, because online play represents a higher drain on your battery.


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How do I play with other people online?(Automatch, Friend)
The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection allows you to connect with other players from around the world for online gaming fun. You have two ways you can connect. One way is to connect with other players with whom you have exchanged Friend Codes and placed on your Friends Rosters. For more information on using Friend Codes to match up online, click here.

In certain games you can also get connected by being "auto-matched." Auto-match goes out and randomly sets you up with any other player who is online and looking to play. This broadens the number of opponents you can be matched against to thousands and thousands of other players around the world. The way auto-match is set up and used is unique for each game. Refer to the manual for the game you're playing for details.


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