How to connect your Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite

A broadband Internet connection and wireless router are required. Follow the steps below to get connected.

Note: The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, which provides most online functionality for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite software titles, was discontinued. To read more, click here.

  1. With the Nintendo DS Browser card inserted into your Nintendo DS, turn on your system and access the browser's main menu.
  2. Access the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection settings. (These settings are typically found by selecting "Nintendo WFC" from the game's main menu. For detailed directions, consult the manual for the game.)
  3. At the Setup screen, tap "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings."
  4. Tap "Connection 1 None."
    (Don't see "None" for Connection 1? To ensure any existing settings don't interfere with getting connected, tap the button, then choose "Clear Settings.")
  5. Click on "Search for an Access Point."
  6. The Nintendo DS will search for any wireless networks within range. Once it is finished searching, it will display the names of all the wireless networks it finds.

    Look for your wireless network. (If you're not sure which is yours, or you don't see any wireless networks, click here.)

  7. What to do next will depend on the "lock" icon you see next to your network on the Nintendo DS.

Click the image below that matches the lock icon you see on the screen of your Nintendo DS.









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