Attaching the Wrist Strap

You can attach a compatible wrist strap to the Nintendo DS Lite to provide an additional way of carrying your system. If you have a wrist strap made for the original style Nintendo DS, you can also use it on your DS Lite.

Note that the wrist strap pictured below is the type that came with the original style Nintendo DS. It has a built-in thumb stylus and is approved for use with the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite. Steps 1 through 3 below will still apply to any wrist strap that will work with the Nintendo DS Lite.


  1. Thread the thin loop of string through the wrist strap attachment holes on the back of the Nintendo DS Lite. If you are having difficulty threading the strings through the attachment holes, you may want to use something such as a paperclip to help thread the wrist strap through. (If the string of your wrist strap is too thick to fit through the attachment holes, do not attempt to force it through, as this may damage the system.)


  3. After the loop is fully threaded, open it and pass the strap handle through the loop.


  4. Pull the remainder of the strap handle upwards to secure the wrist strap to the unit.


  6. If you are using a wrist strap for an original style Nintendo DS, place your thumb through the end of the wrist strap so that the thumb stylus is under your thumb, and move the slider to lightly tighten the wrist strap.