System and Game Problems



  • Liquid spilled in system:
    If liquid of any kind has been spilled in the Nintendo DS Lite system, remove the battery cover and battery and allow the system to dry. If a significant amount of liquid touched the battery, it must be replaced. If allowing the sytem to dry does not solve the problem, your system will need to be repaired.

    Nintendo's warranty does not cover physical damage (such as liquid being spilled on the system). If your Nintendo DS Lite needs repair or replacement due to physical damage, please click here for repair options in Latin America.


  • System doesn't recognize a game is inserted:
    Make sure the Game Card or Game Pak is fully inserted by pressing firmly until you hear a "click." For installation assistance, click here. If you are attempting to play a Game Boy Advance game, but cannot get it started because a DS Game Card keeps booting up, please click here.

    If the above information does not solve the problem, we recommend having your system repaired. Please click here for repair options in Latin America.


  • Game Card will not eject:
    Press down on the top of the Game Card. It should spring up slightly, giving you enough of a grip to remove the card. If after doing this the Game Card still does not eject, we recommend you have your system repaired. Click here for repair options.

  • Game Boy Game doesn't fit
    Due to the compact size of the Nintendo DS Lite, the top of Game Boy Advance Game Paks will stick out of the system. This is normal.

    Game Boy Color and original Game Boy games do not work with the Nintendo DS Lite. For more information, click here.