Nintendo DSi & Nintendo DSi XL - Getting Connected Online - At Home with a High-Speed Internet Connection and Wireless Router with a Gold, Locked Icon

If The access point has a gold, locked icon, the Nintendo DSi has detected WEP/WPA key security on your router. Tap the Access Point name.

On this screen, you can either enter your WEP Key, or click "Change Security Settings" to enter a WPA key.

Tap "OK" again and the system will then establish a connection with your router.

  • If you need help in finding out what the WEP/WPA key is for your router, click here. to go to our wireless router information. If your brand and model are available, you can find where to locate the WEP/WPA info in your router's setup utility.
  • If your system is unable to establish a successful connection, click here for tips on what you can do.

Successfully connected? Click here for what to do next with an online-connected Nintendo DSi!