Nintendo DSi & Nintendo DSi XL - Getting Connected Online - At Home with a High-Speed Router, Not Sure if you have a Wireless Router

If you're not sure if you have a wireless router, this can be tricky to figure out. The two most common ways of broadcasting your Internet signal wirelessly is with a Wireless Router or a Modem/Wireless Router combination.

Go to your Modem and find the model number; write it down. Are there any devices physically connected to your modem (besides your computer)? If so, write down the model number of these devices as well.

Head over to our Wireless Router look-up tool and determine if any of the model numbers match up. You can find out by clicking here. If they match up, your Modem or Router is capable of broadcasting your Internet connection wirelessly!

If you're model number isn't listed or unable to locate one, please refer to your owner's manual or try contacting the manufacturer of the device to determine if it's wireless.

Yes, I have wireless router        No, I do not have a wireless router