Nintendo DSi & Nintendo DSi XL - Game Card Replacement Options

What to do in the event you have a Nintendo DS Game Card that needs replacement will depend on which company published the game. Please read the information below.

Nintendo can only offer repairs for games that are published by Nintendo (For example, Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, etc.). Many games available for Nintendo's systems are published by third party licensees.

How to tell who published your game:

  • Check the plastic case or cardboard box that the game came in when you bought it. The publishers logo will appear on the front in the bottom right corner.

If the game is published by a company other than Nintendo, you will need to contact that company for repair/replacement options. Click here for a list of current licensees and their contact information.

If the game is published by Nintendo, and was purchased new within the last 90 days (not previously-played or used), Nintendo will attempt to provide a replacement for games made by Nintendo.

For warranty situations you must be able to provide the defective item and proof of purchase. Please check the warranty text (U.S. / Canada) to make sure you qualify for warranty coverage for your game.

If you wish to get your game repaired or replaced and your game was made by Nintendo, please call (800) 255-3700.