Nintendo DSi & Nintendo DSi XL - Getting Connected Online - At a Hotspot Location

"Hotspot Location"

Many locations that offer Wi-Fi service (coffee shops, book stores, libraries, etc.) require some type of fee, login process, or accepting a user agreement to connect. The Nintendo DSi is not compatible with these types of hotspot locations.

However, if the Hotspot location doesn't require a fee or special login, you may be able to connect using the "Search for an Access Point" function of the Internet connection screens.

Turn on your Nintendo DSi and access your system settings by clicking on the wrench icon.

Scroll over to the third page, and select "Internet."

Now choose "Connection Settings."

Click on "None" in one of the connection slots.

The easiest way to get connected to Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection is through the "Search for an Access Point" function of the Nintendo DS.

Then click "Search for an Access Point":

The Nintendo DSi will then display the name of any wireless access point within range. If any of the access points show with a "locked" icon, you will need to contact the network administrator of the Hotspot you are at for the security code (WEP or WPA).

The access point has a gold, unlocked icon:

The access point has a gold, locked icon:

The access point has a gray, locked icon:

The access point isn't being displayed:

If you try to connect but the connection test fails, you will need to speak with someone at the Hotspot for further assistance.