Nintendo DSi & Nintendo DSi XL - Recalibrate the Touch Screen

These steps can be used to realign the stylus with the Touch Screen.

Important note about screen protectors: If after trying following the steps below you are still unable to recalibrate your screen, check to see if you are using a licensed screen protector. An unlicensed screen protector may lower the sensitivity of the screen and make it difficult to calibrate properly.

How to recalibrate the touch screen:

  1. While holding the L, R, and Start Buttons, press the Power button to turn on the system.
  2. Keep the L, R, and Start buttons pressed until the calibration screen appears.

    The following steps must be performed with a stylus. You cannot use the Control Pad or buttons once calibration begins.

  3. Tap the orange circle that appears on the screen. Do this each time the circle moves. You must touch the orange circle precisely at each of the three positions, otherwise the test will continue to re-start.
  4. When complete, select "Yes" to power off the system and save the new calibration settings. If you need to run the test again, select "No."