Nintendo DSi & Nintendo DSi XL - Connect to the Internet

Connecting your Nintendo DSi to the Internet opens up a whole new world of game play and software. Please use the information below for assistance with connecting your system to the Internet, as well as using some of the online-enabled features of the Nintendo DSi.


    Requirements to get online

  • A Nintendo DSi system
  • A Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection compatible game (if you wish to play multiplayer)
  • A broadband internet connection (cable, DSL, FIOS)
  • A wireless access point to a broadband Internetconnection. Most people will use a wireless router or a Hotspot location.

A typical Internet connection for a Nintendo DSi.

More about wireless routers:

Most wireless routers are likely compatible with the Nintendo DSi and its Internet features. We have compiled information on dozens of wireless routers and what to look for when shopping for a router. Click here to read our wireless router information.