Nintendo DSi & Nintendo DSi XL - Menu

The Nintendo DSi Menu appears automatically when you turn the system's power on. On this menu you will see icons for the system's built-in applications and for any Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi Game Card inserted into the DS Game Card slot. Tap these icons to play games, use the applications, or enter system settings. You can also press the "L" or "R" shoulder buttons to enter camera mode and take photos.



About the main menu:

  Explanation of applications and icons:

System Settings:
Adjust your Nintendo DSi's settings (time, parental controls, etc.). Learn more +
Nintendo DSi Sound:
Listen to music and record sounds. Learn more +
DS Download Play:
Use single card play with other DS systems, and more. Learn more +
Nintendo DSi Camera:
Take and have fun with pictures. Learn more +
Nintendo DSi Shop:
Use Nintendo Points to download applications. + Learn more
Text chat with other nearby DS owners. Learn more +
Nintendo DS Game icon:
Select the DS game icon to play the inserted Game Card. Learn more +
No game inserted icon:
When no DS game card is inserted into the system, this icon will display.
Present icon:
Appears when an application is received from the Nintendo DSi Shop. Tap it with your stylus to open it.
No application (empty slot):
This icon represents the open spaces on your Nintendo DSi that can fit applications.



Moving icons:
You can customize the order in which your Nintendo DSi applications and games appear on the main menu.


1. Use the stylus to select the icon you want to move and then slide it up to the center of the screen.   2. Scroll through the software list until you come to the spot you want to place the software icon.   3. Tap the icon once again and slide it into its new location.   4. That's it! You're done.